Marbella Real Estate: The Best Residential Areas in Marbella

Marbella Real Estate: The Best Residential Areas in Marbella

Have you always dreamed of relocating to Marbella and living on the Mediterranean coast, waking up to sun-drenched days to the sound of the sea? Located in Andalucia on the southern coast of Spain, Marbella is renowned for its stunning villas. In this post, we have assembled the 10 most desirable areas in Marbella. Here is where you’ll find the best properties with luxury amenities. Some even with private beach clubs, sailing facilities, golf courses, and horse riding. If you’re looking to buy the best Marbella real estate, read on to find out which area is perfect for you.

The Best Areas to Find Marbella Real Estate

Covering an area of 27km of coastline, Marbella is the largest resort on the Costa del Sol. If you’re looking for luxury property for sale, Marbella has no shortage of options. There are some outstanding locations to choose from, the difficulty can be picking the best place.

The Golden Mile

No doubt if you’ve been searching for villas for sale in Marbella, you will have come across this name. Some of the most luxurious properties are found in The Golden Mile.

This is the pinnacle of the real estate market in Marbella where you’ll find Millionaires’ Row. Plenty come with private-beach fronted penthouses, 5-star resorts, and exclusive beach clubs.

The iconic avenue stretches from central Marbella to Puerto Banús. This is an incredibly sought-after area, making it one of the most expensive postcodes in Andalucia.

Leafy green properties flank both sides of the elegant boulevards. To the south of the boulevard, you’ll find beachfront villas, whereas to the north are grand villas with unobstructed views of the sea.

There is no shortage of amenities in the area, including the Costa del Sol’s most iconic 5-star hotels: the Marbella Club and Puente Romana Hotel. Both have extensive facilities, including a sports centre, restaurants, and beach clubs. The area also boasts galleries, boutique stores, and Michelin-star restaurants.

Buyers wishing to purchase property on the Golden Mile have the chance to own a peaceful seafront home. They will also gain one of the most exclusive addresses in the region.

Puerto Banús

Located close to the Golden Mile, you’ll find Puerto Banús, which is home to one of southern Europe’s most glamourous marinas. Puerto Banús attracts A-list celebrities, making it the place to see and to be seen.

Because of the status of the area, the marina is also home to Spain’s third-largest luxury shopping mall, the biggest being in Madrid and Barcelona. Inside you’ll find a mixture of designer brands and haute couture boutique stores. Outside are pristine-looking yachts and superyachts.

The most popular property type here is luxury apartments, set in gated complexes with plenty of communal facilities. Most apartments come with top-end modern fixtures and fittings. They are incredibly spacious and come with a sea view or a view of the nearby Sierra Blanca mountains.

Aside from the marina and high-end shopping, the area of Puerto Banús also has fine dining. There are also outstanding cocktail bars and some of the best nightlife you’ll find on the Costa del Sol.

The area is perfect for buyers looking to be in the heart of the glitz and glamour and wanting to rub shoulders with celebrities.

La Zagaleta

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more low-key and closer to nature, then La Zagaleta is a great location. Situated on the grounds of an enormous country club, it boasts two resident-only 18-hole golf courses.

There is also a racquet club, an equestrian centre, a distinguished clubhouse, and a private heliport. Because of the exclusivity, prices for property here come at a premium.

La Zagaleta is located just outside of Marbella and is set in the woodlands and foothills of the Sierra Blanca mountains. It ranks as one of the most deluxe residential developments in the south of Europe.

If security, privacy, and exclusivity are high on your agenda, then large plots are available for development. Existing luxurious villas are also available. Properties at La Zagaleta fall under the prime and super-prime property sectors and often have the highest selling prices in the area.

Sierra Blanca

If you like the sound of La Zagaleta, a slightly lower key alternative area is Sierra Blanca. You’ll find gated communities offering beautiful views of the mountains and shorelines. They are located close to the facilities of Puerto Banus.

This is predominantly a residential area on an elevated location in the foothills, surrounded by greenery. Accommodation here ranges from townhouses and apartments, right up to villas.

Sierra Blanca offers a pleasant mix of being surrounded by nature but with easy access to more populated towns. Locally you’ll find shops and restaurants as well as a beach, which is less than 5 minutes drive. It’s also a great location for families looking to move, with several schools and health centres nearby.

Nueva Andalucía

Located in the areas known as Golf Alley, Nueva Andalucia is certainly a more accessible price. It still mains a location akin to some of the areas aforementioned. Villas here are dotted between golf courses and greenery.

The name Golf Alley is given due to its close location to Las Brisas, Los Naranjos, and Aloha golf clubs.

The large residential development of Nueva Andalucia is just a short drive from Marbella Town and Puerto Banús. It’s also close to local schools and Aloha College, which is one of the best international schools in Marbella.

It is just a short drive from the beaches and the mountains and has a weekly Saturday artisan market. You’ll also find plenty of cafes in the area. This is a great place for families.

Central Marbella

If you’re interested in living in the heart of the town where everything is within walking distance, then Central Marbella is a good option. In the Old Town, most properties come in the form of townhouses and apartments along the photogenic whitewashed streets.

For those looking for something a little larger, then Centre West and Centre East offer more modern homes, apartments, or penthouses. Sometimes they have gated complexes and private seafront access.

By being located in Central Marbella, you’ll find an abundance of amenities. These are all within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and beaches, plus bars and nightlife.

Other Great Places to Look For Marbella Real Estate

Los Monteros – You may be interested in the luxury district of Los Monteros. It’s located to the east of Marbella and features elegant and leafy residential properties and close access to beaches.

The area offers both villas and mansions, and local facilities include a spa and golf. Close by is the 5-star hotel Los Monteros.

Elviria – This is one of the largest residential areas in east Marbella. It stretches from the white sandy beaches to the mountains, featuring a mix of apartments, villas, and townhouses.

There are plenty of amenities, including golf courses, trendy restaurants, and beach clubs. The area is popular with a mix of holidaymakers as well as ex-pats. It’d located a 10-minute drive from Marbella, close to school making it a great location for families.

Guadalmina – Villas here boast large private plots. Guadalmina is located on a river, close to the beaches and golf courses, and it is a residential area that still screams elitism.

The town is divided between beachside and golf courses, with villas here coming with large private plots of land. It’s close to all the amenities, like shops and bars but far enough away from the bustle and offers space and tranquillity.

San Pedro de Alcántara – Also known as San Pedro, this residential area has a well-established community. There are lots of family-oriented amenities such as schools, sports, and health centres. It’s located 10km to the west of Marbella.

It has a typical Spanish feel to the town with an old centre complete with pretty cobblestone streets, with traditional bars selling tapas. The other side of town has access to the beach, with a palm tree-clad promenade walk and plenty of chiringuitos (Spanish beach bars) along the way.

Which Area Do You Want to Move To?

Hopefully, this guide has given you plenty of information about the best places to find Marbella real estate. This guide is just a start, so the next stage is to speak to an expert to find out more to help find the perfect location for you.

The knowledgeable team at Five Star Urbanisations are waiting to take your call. Get in touch today and let’s discover your dream home.

What To Look For in a Marbella Apartment

What To Look For in a Marbella Apartment

In Spain, 23% of households rent their homes. This rental market has grown through the past few decades as fewer people can afford or get accepted for a mortgage. Luckily, there are many high-quality options when you are looking at property for sale in the Marbella area. Still, you need to do your research when you are looking for a Marbella apartment. Do you want to learn what to look for when buying a luxury property for sale in Marbella?


Keep reading this guide for the top factors to consider when you are finding a new apartment in Marbella!

Consider Location

One of the most important things you must consider when choosing a Marbella apartment is the location. There are apartments for sale in all areas of Marbella, so it is easy to find a space in a good location regardless of your needs.

For example, some people would prefer to live in an apartment that is closer to family-friendly activities. If you choose an apartment in Marbella East, your apartment will be near popular golf courses and the family-friendly beaches in the area.

If you prefer sailing and other port-side activities, it may be best to find an apartment near one of the many marinas in Marbella.

You can also find Marbella apartments in more urban locations and more luxurious areas.

When you are choosing a location for your new apartment, you should also consider the level of tourism in the area. Marbella is quite a popular vacation destination. If you live in an area that is too touristy, it may be difficult for you to get around without running into many tourists.

Choose the Right Type of Property

Next, you need to consider the types of properties that you want to live in. There are many different kinds of Marbella apartments available on the market, each with different benefits and drawbacks.

For example, you can choose to live in apartments of varying sizes. If you want to save money and live in a less expensive area, you may want to choose a studio apartment.

If you are looking for a larger apartment, you can choose a larger penthouse suite or villa with more space! These types of properties will also typically have more amenities, outdoor space, and other benefits.

The type of property that you choose will depend on your budget and other factors.

Look at New Properties and Resale

When choosing an apartment in Marbella, you should also consider a resale property vs a new property for sale in Marbella. While residential construction isn’t as popular in Marbella, you can find a new build apartment if you are looking for a brand-new place to live.

Looking at new properties in Marbella will ensure that your apartment meets your exact requirements and specifications. However, they may also be a bit more expensive.

Another option is looking at the resale properties on the market. You can find resale properties in any area of Marbella! There is a huge selection of existing homes in Marbella and it makes it easier to find a great deal.

Still, resale apartments may require updates or renovations to fit your tastes. However, resale apartments are less expensive than a new apartment would be!

If you can find an existing home with an amazing location, it may be worth paying for these renovations! This is because a great location is something you cannot put a price tag on.

Research Cost

When you are buying a new apartment, the cost is one of the most important factors you need to consider. There is no point in looking at apartments that you simply cannot afford, so it is important to research the cost of a Marbella apartment before you start your inquiries.

Prices will vary significantly depending on many factors. These include the location of your apartment, the size of the apartment, and more.

For example, smaller properties that have less-expensive finishes will be much easier to afford than other high-end properties in the area. Typically, apartments near the center of Marbella are more expensive than those in neighboring areas.

To set a budget for your Marbella apartment, you first need to learn how much you can afford. Then, you can set a minimum and maximum price range for your new space! Make sure you don’t forget to include closing costs and additional fees that come with buying an apartment.

When you are considering the cost of your new apartment, it is also important that you research other fees. These include international taxes. If you move to Marbella, you will need to become a tax resident and you will pay income and wealth taxes.

If you have a real estate agent or a lawyer, they can help you plan for tax time! This will also help you avoid high tax bills.

Finally, you must consider whether you want to rent or buy your new apartment. While renting will cost less money upfront, you will not get any equity from your apartment. Buyers have to save for a downpayment and may have higher mortgage payments, but it is often a better investment.

Learn About the Neighborhood

Learning more about the neighborhoods in Marbella is important when you are buying an apartment. When you commit to buying an apartment, you are also committing to the people that you will be living near.

Because of this, it is best to explore the neighborhood before you buy an apartment! This way, you can learn more about the space, residents, and other activities in the area.

This will also ensure that you live in a nice area with high-quality residents. Often, photos can be misleading when you are looking at a new apartment. Visiting the apartment and neighborhood in person will help you feel confident that you will be comfortable in the area.

Ask About Communal Facilities

Often, apartments within a residential complex will have many communal facilities and amenities. These are important to consider before choosing an apartment, as they will make it a more enjoyable space to live in.

For example, many apartments will have access to things like a pool, gardens, and even exercise or sports facilities. The communal facilities available will also depend on the area of Marbella that you buy property in.

Older areas that mainly offer existing properties will likely have fewer communal amenities.

You can also learn more about the additional amenities offered in a specific apartment. These can add a lot of value to your space and make it more comfortable for you!

Learn About Apartment Finishes

Before selecting a new apartment, you also need to learn more about the apartment finishes. Because Marbella is a highly sought-after destination, there are many luxurious apartments and villas for sale.

However, some of the older apartments may not have the same high-quality finishes that newer apartments would have.

If living in a luxury apartment is a priority for you, you must learn more about the apartment finishes. Luxury apartments are more likely to be well-maintained and updated, include more amenities, and boast more spacious floorplans.

On the other hand, existing properties may only have basic finishes. They may not have new appliances and other personalization that make luxury apartments more comfortable.

Research Accessibility

Finally, you must research accessibility before you decide where to live. How hard is it to travel from your apartment? Do you have a long commute?

If you are worried about accessibility, it may be best to find an apartment that is close to public transportation. This will make it easy to get around even without a vehicle.

Not only do you want to consider the ease of accessibility, but you should also find an apartment that is close to many shops and other amenities. For example, are there great places for food and drinks near your apartment?

What shops and activities are close to your new property? Learning more about the shops near your apartment will help you find property in a great location.

Looking for a Marbella Apartment? 

Marbella is an amazing place to live and provides many benefits to new residents! If you are looking for a Marbella apartment or Marbella luxury villas for sale, it is important that you do your research. Considering each of these factors will help you find the best place to live!

If you are looking for Marbella apartments for sale, Choose Marbella Real Estate can help! We have listings for luxury villas, apartments, and other types of property in the Marbella area.

Contact us today for help finding the perfect Marbella apartment for your needs.