Marbella Homes: All the Reasons You’d Want to Stay for Good

Marbella Homes: All the Reasons You’d Want to Stay for Good

Are you thinking about buying property in Marbella, Spain? This is one of the lushest regions in the world, renowned as much for its culture and architecture as its rich natural beauty. Whether you’re searching for a modest-sized apartment, a sprawling villa, or anything in betwee. Yet, before you begin looking at options, it’s important to know what makes this area so unique.

Today, we’re sharing all of the reasons why one visit to Marbella just isn’t enough. Read on to discover why you’ll want to put down roots here for good.

Postcard-Perfect Beauty

First, let’s start with the obvious. Marbella is simply stunning! Located on the Mediterranean Sea, it sits between Málaga and the Strait of Gibraltar, on a beautiful portion of the Costa del Sol.

That means there are gorgeous water views almost anywhere you go! At the same time, you’re also surrounded by the picturesque Sierra Blanca mountain range, and the towering mountains make a beautiful backdrop for the sparkling water below.

You can choose to spend your days lounging on the beach, taking a hike through nature, or people-watching on one of the many promenades. Whichever activity you choose, you can’t ask for a more spectacular spot to take it all in.

Historic Town Center

Do you love the fascinating history of bygone eras? If so, then you’ll love Marbella’s historic Old Town, also called Casco Antiguo. This neighbourhood is filled with narrow, cobblestone streets, traditional Moorish architecture, and plenty of enchanting romance.

With its white-washed homes, plentiful shade trees, and social hotspots, it’s one of the most popular areas in the city. Most of the action here centres around the Plaza de los Naranjos. Established in 1945 after the Christian Reconquest, it’s become Marbella’s beloved town square.

Here, you’ll find plenty of areas to sit back, drink, eat, and enjoy time with friends. From the sweet-smelling orange trees to the balconies draped with bougainvillea, it comes alive with colour in the springtime. You can grab a spot on an outdoor patio and dine al-fresco under the stars.

If you thrive with this kind of activity around you, look for homes for sale in Marbella that are situated near Old Town and Plaza de los Naranjos! With their terracotta roofs, floral-wrapped exteriors, and charming sidewalks, these properties are filled to the brim with sweetness and beauty.

Spots to Sightsee

Would you enjoy living in a city that’s filled with noteworthy spots to visit and enjoy? If so, you’ll love Marbella apartments, especially ones located near popular attractions.

Two of Marbella’s top points of interest are located right within Old Town. These include the city’s town hall built in 1572, called Casa Consistorial, as well as the area’s oldest religious building. Built around the 15th century, Ermita de Santiago is a simple stone church that draws visitors and residents alike. In addition to its unique rectangular nave, it also contains an impressive statue of Saint James the Apostle.

Yet, there are also many areas to visit beyond Old Town. Take the Avenida del Mar walkway, for instance. Located next to the city marina, it runs between Alameda Park and nearby Playa de la Venus.

On this walkway, the city has arranged various pieces of intriguing art for the public to enjoy. Yet, these aren’t just any statues or sculptures. They’re bronze creations from 20th-century surrealist Salvador Dalí, one of the most renowned artists of his decade.

There are also palm trees for shade, as well as gorgeous landscape architecture to enjoy.

Stylish Resort Beaches

If you’re searching for homes in Marbella Span for sale, you’re likely dreaming of one vision: A property that overlooks the water! After all, this city is well-known for its resort-style beaches and its name translates to “Beautiful Sea”!

There are 20 different beaches that stretch along this idyllic city, and each offers a special slice of paradise. There are restroom facilities at each one, and most of them are just a short walk from the centre of the city.

Most beaches have dark-coloured sand that makes the clear water stand out even more. If you want to simply lie out and soak in the sun, you’re absolutely free to do so. However, there’s usually a beach bar (called a chiringuito) close by at each location, so you’re never too far from a snack or sangria.

Beginning at Holy Week and lasting through the last week of September, most area beaches are also equipped with capable and knowledgeable lifeguards. This way, you can swim and play in the water with confidence, making a day at the beach even more enjoyable than you imagined.

If you live near Old Town, your closest beach will be Playa de la Fontanilla. A generous 1,000 metres long, it’s one of the buzziest beaches in the city, with restaurants and shops nearby. A few other notable beaches in Marbella include:

  • El Faro
  • Playa Real de Zaragoza
  • Playa Alicante
  • Linda Vista Beach
  • San Pedro Alcántara
  • Guadalmina Beach

Most of these beaches, including San Pedro Alcántara and Linda Vista Beach, are especially popular with families. They’re known as Blue Flag Beaches because they’re sustainably operated, the waters are calm and swimmer-friendly, and of course, they’re beautifully blue!

Plenty of Parks

When you need a break from spending all of your days on the water, Marbella also has lots of shady, incredible parks to explore. There’s something for everyone, from avid and experienced hikers to novices just looking for a pretty stroll.

If you’re looking for a public park, start at Alameda Park, or Paseo de La Alameda. Located right in Old Town, it joins the Alameda del Mar and the Paseo Marítimo, a car-free boulevard that stretches along the coastline toward Puerto Banus. Here, you can walk slowly and savour the lush vegetation, massive palm trees, and spectacular fountains.

There are ornate benches with hand-painted tiles placed strategically around the park, encouraging visitors to stop for a while and soak in the beauty. Marvel at the marble walkways under your feet and the greenery all around you. This park feels like a private garden, though you’re just steps away from the heart of Marbella.

If you want to experience other parts of the city’s landscape, there are also more challenging hikes and walks to try. Check out this list of local trails to get started!

Glitzy High-Fashion Scenes

With its glistening waters and happening social scene, Marbella often draws comparisons to the French Riveria. With one visit to Puerto Banús, you’ll see why.

This marina is often referred to as the playground of Costa del Sol. It’s filled with awe-inspiring beaches, premium beach clubs, and dazzling yachts. While it’s worth a visit to simple revel in the luxury and high-fashion lifestyle, there are also plenty of public displays to enjoy.

One of those is the oversized rhinoceros sculpture, also crafted by Salvador Dalí. Weighing 3.6 tonnes, it stands proudly in Puerto Banús for all to see.

Overall, this is a great place to visit for a fancy dinner or to simply frolic on the beaches. You can find Marbella apartments nearby so you’re always close to the action. If nightlife, resorts, and upscale fashion boutiques are some of your top interests, this is a perfect spot to focus your search.

Fascinating Museums

When the sun is shining and the weather is nice, you’ll want to spend your afternoon by the water in Marbella. However, there are also plenty of fascinating ways to spend a rainy day! One of those is to visit a local museum.

This city is filled with history and culture, and the institutions here are designed to celebrate it. One of the most popular is the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Engraving. This is the only museum dedicated solely to Spain’s rich history of engraving, and it holds an impressive collection of more than 4,000 pieces.

Browse the engravings, lithographs, etchings and more, and be sure to take a look at the eye-catching venue around you. The 16th-century palace is built in the Moorish style and is a work of art in itself.

Search Our Marbella Homes for Sale

In this post, we covered a few of the reasons why Marbella is such an exciting and gorgeous place to live. However, we only scratched the surface! There are so many other reasons why this city is perfect for relocation, and we simply can’t list them all here.

From the nightlife and fashion scene to the tranquil beaches and historical sites, there’s always something to do here. When you own property nearby, you can enjoy it all, every day.

Interested in browsing local real estate? We have a wide selection of Marbella homes available, so contact us today to start your search!